Monday, November 21, 2011

In your Face book and Work

or rather my employment along with the load of home fix up to get finished is sure putting a damper on fall/winter now that it has arrived,   No time to run dogs at least not serious conditioning miles, fall cart runs are under 100 total miles.. more like 2 or 3 hundred standing cart miles for the driver running 16 dogs in teams of 3,4 or 5 at a time, Lot of good training and evaluation runs.
 Albert is   going to be a command leader, Sharky has learned some manors and is running well next to all but Maraq and Nuchok (although avoiding running next to each other avoids issue) Bushka is looking like a leader with a lot of drive,, Really not a lot of negatives as far as the team goes.
 As a Kennel we seem to be going one by one through the dramas and tragedies that as the saying goes "Happen to the best of em." the latest was a female in heat escaping  and going missing for two and a half days.. well with the whelping happening on the 20th  that counts back 63 days to the day she went missing.
 3 females, 1 male, we did mate Berry twice when she returned home  and will DNA test to verify parentage..  Mother and pups are doing fine.
 We are looking for another litter   Xmas or the day after, if the mating took... of course that part went like clock work... so I suspect we will get nada.. seems like that's the luck around here.. when it goes well and as planned, the end result is anti climatic or fails to live up to expectations...

 Oh yeah then facebook people.. well rather just people ... like what the hey? so I have a facebook Friend that is not well liked in the sleddog world.. as do a lot of other facebookers and so one person decides to go on a bent about this person and how that being a friend on face book is showing support to same and all this and that all seemed like a witch hunt with a lot of "WE" used in the emails..... Got me to look at facebook again and decide to deactivate the account.
 But the whole fiasco and the things said leave a real foul taste in my mouth the back biting, personal attacks, assumptions and double standard double talk in the email exchange I had was insane I was sent unrequested email from an unfamiliar  name and email address with a bunch of attachments and three letters of explanation.... "FYI"  for all I knew the attachments were a bunch of viruses. From this I looked into the senders facebook posts and noted the subject of the discussion,
 I got a bit irate about that and told him so in a reply..

 In the end my dogs, my dogs ancestors and breeders were  maligned and belittled, as was I.
  to all that I say.

 But wait there's more!
  So I am told I should give credit for quoting here emails sent to me...
" Do what you will with the email and the docs, maybe this time you'll give me credit for quoting me. " Billy D.
 Well fairly sure you got the documents from a show dog breeder in Canada that just happens to have the same last name as you,  this is why I question motives...
"I don't remember belittling your dogs, I like the dogs. I belittled your way of choosing them." Billy D.
 Mind readers ...  Wow My way of choosing them? I do not recall discussing the totality of the way I went about choosing my dogs. But you like them ? Just not the way I chose them (at least as far as you THINK I chose them)
"I haven't entered a team of my own in a race yet." Billy D.
 Hmmm interesting no team... yet.  But still feels qualified to lecture and belittle me on  how I select dogs.

And so the runt pup has been struggling and lost weight the first4-5 days, No obvious sign of trouble, seems vibrant enough,, although at day 4 after loosing 10% of her weight she seemed to be floundering a bit.. visit to vet. good heart and lungs, pallets ok and no issue with suckling.. perhaps gets pushed out by the 3 larger siblings, but we had been watching for that and intervening some to compensate...  So we gave a bit of antibiotic, and started supplementing with milk replacer. feeding with a syringe slipped into mouth along side of nipple while suckling.. after 3 days of this we are at 1 week old today, the other 3 have doubled in weight and Runty as I affectionately call her has started to gain weight. Born at 11.3 oz dropped to almost 9 oz and today she is 13.6 oz and winning the push and shove to suckle against her siblings around 4 times her weight.