Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pound Puppy

Well little runty made it to a pound today. born weighing just 11.6 ounces, she started loosing weight and seemed to be floundering..  With a bit of extra attention and supplemental feeding of  canine milk replacer she stabilized, after dropping down to nearly under 10 ounces.. today at 10 days old her 3 litter mates  weigh  3 times as much (at birth they were twice her weight) we have stopped the supplemental feeding as she developed a slight rasp  to her breathing, assume she breathed a bit of milk replacer in, worrisome..  
 She is a fighter and will push her way in to suckle.. but it is getting tougher for her given the weight and size difference, so we have Berry  and her out of the pen several times a day to feed on her own.
   Chekushka - Meaning "Small hare" or "field mouse"