Monday, January 16, 2012

448 miles of running

The Sum of our runs for the season....448 miles... Not bad... until ya know that is the SUM for all the dogs, not a team  mileage sum.
 Knew going into the fall that work overtime and finishing house remodel was going to take a toll on the training, On top of that it has been unseasonably warm and all over the Midwest races are being canceled, postponed or run on rocks and dirt for sections of the trail.
 Our runs have been smooth though, even had the handler run a team with no issues, hooked  two teams of six and ran a couple miles each team with a passenger..  Happy with that, they are trained as sleddogs and know what to expect and behave,   more training then conditioning going on, we are always training  lead dogs, I think all of the dogs have been up front at one time or another and given a go at it. Avery has stepped up in this area this year compared to last, more focused and is taking commands but like Albert he is polite and will not push his running mate to execute a turn, but will pull.