Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Who needs a dog?

When you can help take care of ours.....
 That's basically how we came to have Kennel help. Jeff  called to ask about available dog/pup explaining that it was for son Jarred.. chatted dogs  about son Jarred's interest in mushing,  etc. and I proposed come work with our dogs   Jarred and Jeff have been coming over to feed and scoop and get to know the dogs for a couple weeks now, not every day but 3 of 5 roughly... going great so far all work and no play.... No snow, warm weather, etc, etc. it seems has made this a blank year to date running the dogs.  Been doing 4-5 dog cart runs random dogs teamed up, just enough to keep some basic civility to the runs and at least something for muscle tone..
Feb 12 we are scheduled to do rides and a demo about mushing as part of Rochester winter fest at Quarry hill nature center. Time to start regular cart runs, in case we get snow.
 Sent DNA test swabs from the C litter, Sharky and Berry. 5-10 days for results
Pups are doing well, Runty is going to be fine it seems but has catching up to do yet.