Friday, March 23, 2012


in that the winter(s) to come will be.... Winters !
 Always next year the constant looking forward of a seasonal endeavor, the off season planning, getting ready.. the mood is expectant, optimistic.. new equipment, organizing, planning, vacation saved for Oct. Nov. Dec.... With such a lame winter this off season starts early.. our Seppala pool will consist of:
4) one year old's
3) two YO
4) three YO
1) four
1) five
1) six
The two and older 10 as a team this spring on one of our few on snow runs this year.
 Races being considered

 Most of these have a 20-30 mile 6 dog events.. striving to run 8 dog.. we shall  see if weather allows enough fall training, looking for more 8  dog ~40 mile events.

Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Race (Early Jan)
8 Dog  (42 miles)
Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race (Early Feb.)
   8 Dog  80 miles  (2 days x 40 miles)
Mush For a Cure (Mid March)  

   8 dog (24 miles)

Hours in a week    168
Away for Job        -60
Sleep                    -49
S.S.S., eat, dress   -07
Basic dog care
(feed scoop etc.)   -10
Hours left in week  42
  So lets see Oct to early Jan training ~ 14 weeks 
All my supposed free time -           that 42 hours each week 14x42
ok so 588 hours lets be reasonable and say 500 free hours available to run dogs before first race.
 so at say 1000 miles of proper training to ready a team to start a seasons first mid distance...  so we train at ~ 11 per hour... into 1000 miles thats...   90 hours of just running time required, 
so we round that off to 1/5 of that free time....on wheels or runners. about 2 hours every other day.