Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Selling dogs...... What's the problem?

must be we have to many dogs.
   Simple as that.

 Available (More pics and such on Face book at Seppness) I could go on an on  about each of them but here is the quick run down

- C Litter of Seppness DOB 11/20/2011 (All harness broke with drag mat and hooked in gangline for ~1 mile)
 Cali (F),  Sale pend.
 Chunka (M) - Unilateral cryptorchid not for breeding,   Leggy, 
 Checuhska (F)- Struggled as a new born,   has some balance/sight issue, has run in harness. pet?

Tsarko of Seppala -Sire to C litter pups above  DOB 11/02/2007 Wheel dog - Tough.
Nuchok of Seppala DOB 11/30/2008 Team - Runs good alone in front of the Bike may make a great Skijor dog.
  We have some good recreational type non seppala team dogs as well free to good homes.