Monday, October 22, 2012

Driving dogs

with the four wheeler is sure a nice way to train, more dogs at one time, more control, able to clock speed better, less fatigue for driver and handler.. a~ 14 dog pool to build two 6 dog teams, A and B or Fast and Faster ;-}  running all together for initial condition miles seems to work so far, slight differences in fast trot to  lope change over speed ~ 11 to 13 MPH Aiming to run at 12 mph. from what I note to date everyone trots at 10  and everyone lopes at 14... SO that is the focal point right now, right on target as far as conditioning miles to date, paws look good, training runs at the North Star Sleddog Clubs Fall fun run and membership meeting went well good head on pass's, not great... functionally acceptable at this point.