Monday, September 05, 2011

Ok enough then..

Of the heat waves
Weather said it was 39 F when we left home LATE at 7 AM  for the 20 miniute drive to the Douglas Trail, 12 dogs and the rig, running 3 teams of 4,  1.5 miles for the youngsters and 3 miles for the older (second or more season) dogs.
 Maiden voyage for us with  new Dog trailer
 The B girls natural born leaders
 The A boys, Made em work more on the hills, Part of my own training in action, do less, less kicking, less talking, 
 This is a good photo showing me doing a better job driving (Mouth SHUT)

 A great first outing, everything went as expected no real issues, A good clean set of runs allowing time and focus to evaluate individual strengths/weakness's.
Albert- Excellent, Time for one on one intense command work, more focused then last season ready to learn.
Avery- Not leading steady easily distracted..  will run behind lead for a time.
 Axel and Argus- running solid team/wheel, Will move Axel up to run lead with Albert  for a while.
Zena-Huge improvement, Last year she was new here and had a who are you  on the sled worry going,No more looking over the shoulder etc.
 Tyna and Vixen leading seems to be going the same as last year, Tyna the brain and Vixen the pace setter kicking up the pace, Ok on a basic trail but tyna will not bulldog Vixen enough to come gee/haw or complex maneuvers.. ok enough but am thinking Albert may have the charge and lead ability to complement Tyna, Vixen will get moved next to Sharky or Nuchok.. who both had good runs,  Although Sharky was trying to eat grass for the water/dew way to much after the halfway point..
Babuska and Bella were the stars, first team run for them, I put ol dependable Achilles in lead with Bushka to start but... Less then half mile out she was banging into him to take the best spot on the trail, So I put her litter mate bella up front with her from wheel and they ran like one for the rest of the way, 10 months, first time in front of the cart, in a gang line..
 Felt good.....