Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Two years & Eighty post's

and a bakers dozen seppala's, 11 months to 11 years,  warm summer and fall this year, with just a few bike and cart outings.
 The plan for this year I am thinking.... rather just realizing as I type this needs to be................

Wanted to add to this post..
I had typed out what had been a plan to run a series of midwest races in the 20-30 mile range, with training to to make a best effort showing so to speak...
Well reality is..the weakest member of the team is holding us back..................

That's an xray of my knees, screws in the left are from 7 years ago getting a new ACL tendon installed, the left now needs replacement. A shot in the  knee and  wearing a brace puts off  surgery until spring/summer, an easier time to deal with crutches and cane.
 My employer is advising to be ready for 7 days a week overtime into early summer.
And the house fix up we undertook is in need of focus to complete.
Run for fun with a less focus on being ready for  any given event,  A couple events we would like  to attend, but not signing up for anything until the last minute if at all.