Monday, October 31, 2011


 Dogs, Raise your own? or buy from someone else, Pups or Adults that didn't make someones race team, Purebreds or Alaskans,  etc. etc.
 Have never sold, given away, re-homed or lost a dog,  Not that I have had that many dogs (at least not until getting into dogsledding and breeding) when we decided to get more 'invested" by getting a more serious sleddog then the showdog background Black and white "Siberian husky" Achilles   that started us down this path. and  then breeding,  well the day had to come.... Time to sell/place some dogs.......... Decisions.
 Achilles as a puppy he is a great dog, a command leader. affectionate, good feet, eats good and eats very little. etc, etc, etc. He will live his life out here running with the younger dogs and training leaders,  He is Shelly's son Jeff's dog. With us until he cross's the rainbow bridge to be with Jeff again.
 His brother who we went and bought after Achilles came to be with us  is a long coat that decided after running with the Seppala's a couple times that his career as a sleddog was over.
 Smart and affectionate knows lots of "tricks" play dead is one of his best, will learn about anything you could care to teach him..  We would really like to place him in a pet home and a more one on one relationship with a people pack.

He is on the left in the photo here,  Free! to a good home.

Brothers Neiko And Zeus are also available free to a recreational sled team, good honest sleddogs.

 Seppala's for sale.
 2 of our A litter are for sale- Pedigree and Photo here
Gold medal winners as a team in the North Star Sleddog club recreational four dog class as yearlings in 2010-2011 season.
  We are looking forward to possibly having a couple puppies available in March 2012, have not confirmed the pregnancies yet.
 Contact for details.
 Be sure to include your real name and location for prompt reply.
  You can see more photos and commentary at Seppness Sleddogs on  Facebook