Saturday, March 02, 2013

Summing it up

The Seppness rookie race season:
3300+ miles of travel to events.
Five races,
4 to 37 miles,
6 and 8 dog class,
7 days of racing,
181 race miles.
Averaged ~9 MPH consistently.
Placed in the back of the pack at most events.  Won the 6 dog 4 mile local dry land sprint race "Sledding in the falls"
 The only injury -foot fissures on the bottom of webbing, due to rookie foot care, limited use of booties and poor running conditions.
Only  issue with fights or tangles  was on our team, one tiff between Nuchok and Sharky - team has a good trail etiquette as far as I could tell and heard no complaints with a few complements in passing.
Learned a ton from race vet's and other participants about running dogs.

 Had fun, dogs enjoyed it and grew more and more confident with the whole event at each race.. looking forward to next year and planning in my daydreams...
 A fair showing for us.. not as good as I know we can do.
 Areas to improve on.
Obviously foot care and along with that nutrition.

Training schedule - stick at it and figure out a way to not loose 3 weeks to ice storms. 

More hustle from me the driver, seconds add up, less dawdle in any situation where we are slowed stopped for any reason.. and I expect my handicap this year of replacement knee in June 2012 will be be much stronger in that leg next year, as it seems hills are no challenge for race trail boss's to find. after running up hills as best I could every weekend of Feb. my leg muscles feel the burn.

Race class - After running two 1 day 30 mile 6 dog events and two 2 day events (one 6 dog 20x2 and one 8 dog 37 x 2)   I like the two day 30 + mile format and feel the dogs are better suited to this class of race. the 30 and less events are sprint races.. Not necessarily the race that has a layover and cooking/feeding out of the sled, but the race that is run and box over nite and running a 2nd day or a handler assisted etc. same day lay-over,  at least for now I have no plan to practice the camping aspect.
 Regret... Should have signed up and went for the Beargrease (Mid distance) when they postponed it.. could have done it this year being in March... a respectable back of the pack anyway.

(To be Continued)